Well hello again friend! It’s been a while! What a weird & wild year it’s been since we last chatted.

It really feels like I should have completed way more home goals than I actually have around here considering so much of this past year has been spent at home.

But with all the uncertainty of last year, instead of committing to big projects & purchases, it really felt like an opportunity to save some pennies, finalize a few unfinished projects & really focus on some of the bigger future plans…..like Phase 3!

With so many home goals & projects, initially I divided my plan into 3 phases.

Phase 1

Phase 1 was by far the biggest. First things first. I had to address all the boring fundamental work this old house needed, like foundation work, adding attic insulation & vents, plus replacing rotting wood, windows & a leaning front porch. There was also all the drywall repair & ceiling work throughout (goodbye popcorn ceilings) & so much painting.

The best part was the main bathroom remodel. I also tackled furnishing & decorating in the most public spaces, the living room & dining room. It was exciting to finally have a space where I could entertain so I wanted to make those pretty & usable ASAP!

Phase 2

Phase 2 focuses more on the exterior, the guest bath remodel & completing a plethora of smaller decorating projects. A new deck & exterior color scheme gave new life outside. The ongoing evolution of my yards in combination with so many small DIY projects, more painting, shopping, sewing, decorating & curating so many things, has of course taken longer than originally anticipated. My plans to purchase more furnishings, lighting & make a game plan for MY bedroom, were unexpectedly slowed down a bit when I started investing in vintage campers!

So while some of my plans have taken longer & last year was especially slow in the home improvement department, I hope to see some big changes in this new year. Kitchen…I’m looking at you! There are a couple of Phase 2 projects to wrap up but I think I’m finally ready to move into my Phase 3 home goals!

Let’s take a look at what these 2021 home goals look like & what Phase 3 includes.

Replace my bedside nightstand

I was gifted a table when I first moved that still resides next to my bed. It has served me well but I would really like to find something that better compliments the scale of the chest on the other side.

Recover front porch chair

I actually found the chair that sits on my front porch on the curb one day & rescued it from a trip to the dump. It has certainly aged over it’s extended stay next to my front door. Poor thing is long overdue for a little TLC.

Repaint & recover backyard dining set

I found this dining set on Craigslist. It’s not really an outdoor set. With a textured paint finish, glass top & synthetic foam cushions I decided using an outdoor fabric & exterior paint might help prolong it as patio furniture. They lasted several years outside in the elements but the paint has started to chip & the particle board used for the seat bases has started to give. It’s time to do them correctly.

Update guest room

This room has lingered in a half done state for a bit. Initially I painted the whole room, switched the chandelier & added nightstands, a chest of drawers & some basic bedding. This room has more or less been “good enough for now” for while. Well now it’s time to make this stagnant space even better!

Phase 3

Remodel kitchen

This poor kitchen hasn’t been touched since I bought this house. I haven’t improved on the kitchen at all besides a new dishwasher. I’ve considered painting it or slapping some other quick bandaids on it. Truthfully though, with limited time & funds, I just didn’t want to sink an ounce of my resources into this kitchen yet. Especially with so many other things to do. It’s not a very cute kitchen. I’m so excited about plans to update this kitchen finally!

Replace flooring & update my backroom

The opening between the kitchen & backroom will be widened with the kitchen remodel. Since the kitchen flooring flows into the backroom obviously with a new kitchen floor comes new backroom flooring. I have some big ideas & big excitement about this! It will also lead to updates in this room as well!

Improve Hall Closet

I’m still not 100% sure how this space will be improved. In it’s current state it lacks one of it’s bifold doors. A curtain (from my very first ever college apartment) hides the opening. Even just reorganizing this closet would be an improvement but I’d like to give it a little makeover.

Sometimes I feel like these goals should be mostly complete by now & that I should be thinking about Phase 4 which amounts to a bunch of new wants & projects I’ve added over the years or put off to the end. Then I remind myself that decorating & styling your home is more of a marathon than a sprint & really I’m only on my timeframe.

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