Hello and Happy New Year ya’ll! 2020 is going to be juicy!

When I realized that my juice mentor Joe Cross had enough juice recipes on his website for an entire year, I had overzealous ideas of trying a new juice every day for the next year.

While that might be a bit too much for me, I am excited to commit to weekly juicing over the next year. I’m hoping it will help encourage me to eat more plant-based. I will allow 2 days a week off and be flexible for traveling, but I hope to maintain a consistent juice schedule and in the end, have tried 250 new juices recipes. It will be a lot of work. Juicing requires a lot of prep and extra clean up, and if we’re being honest I’m a bit lazy in the kitchen.

I’m going to blog about it to hold myself accountable and keep notes on the juices. Here are all the juicy details to the start of my 2020 juice journey.

Juice 1

The Hangover Juice starts it off. As the first juice of the year after a rocking New Years’s celebration, this seemed perfect. And by rocking New Year’s celebration I do mean having a delicious meal hours before midnight even announced twenty twenty. I did have a cocktail with dinner and some bubbly afterwards but thankfully no hangover here.

This juice includes natural sugar, vitamin C, antioxidants, and electrolytes, all ingredients that will definitely help to reduce that hangover!  And if you do anticipate a real hangover then I might suggest that you make this ahead.

hangover juice

Carrots, celery, beets, oranges, lemon and ginger combine well for a heavy red juice with a sweet orange/beet base and a little zing. It might be a better juice for the headache based hangover rather than the OMG I’m about to puke hangover. I think I might have a hard time drinking it feeling queazy.

hangover juice

Juice 2

For the next juice, perfect for the new year, it’s New Beginnings Juice. Claiming to represent new beginnings and good energy with its bold color; this bright juice provides a lot of nutrients and antioxidants plus shared ingredients from my last juice. Red bell peppers are added to the carrots, beets and ginger from yesterday for a fresh-tasting and pretty deep red juice.

new beginnings juice

Juice 3

I had some cranberries leftover that I wanted to use so searched for a juice with cranberries and am so glad I did. This Cranberry Citrus Juice is sweet with a tart tangy finish. With cranberries, an orange and an apple, butternut squash and collard greens, it’s described as all of your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes served up in a glass. I was wary of the butternut squash but this delightful bright green juice was very good.

cranberry citrus juice

Juice 4

An Orange (& Green) Julius is made of an orange, an orange bell pepper, some carrots and spinach. This sweet orange juice is packed full of vitamin C and other nutrients. It actually was a little frothy too, like the old school Orange Julius that I loved as a kid.

orange (&green) julius

Juice 5

After several fruity juices, I decided to balance it out with something more green with less sugar. This Sweet & Sour Juice is low in sugar and high in vitamin C with the cleansing power of grapefruit. With spinach, celery, and 2 grapefruits it is easy to make, but it left a bitter taste in my mouth. I’m not sure I’d be eager to make this one again.

Sweet & Sour Juice

Juice 6

Morning Green Glory Juice is several leafy greens like kale, spinach and lettuce with some cucumber, celery, lemon and apple to sweeten the greens. This juice was slightly sweet but mostly just a green tasting juice. It was not too memorable in taste but I do think it contributed to my big burst of energy that day! I didn’t connect the two at the time, but duh!

Juice 7

Spinach Supreme Juice is tons of spinach, as expected, plus some cucumber, celery and parsley flavored with half a lime. It just tastes green to me, fresh I guess, but I do have to say that I felt pretty good after drinking it.

Spinach Supreme Juice

Juice 8

Even though it’s pretty warm in Texas right now I decided to try this Winter Blast Juice. Some seasonal ingredients like pears and “the winter radish”, daikon radish, mix with cucumber and lemon for a light juice that tastes like cucumber with lemon and a hint of dirty radish. Daikon is supposed to be a lighter tasting radish but I could still definitely taste it. I’m not sure I like it in the juice really.

Juice 9

Carrot Limeade Juice is my favorite juice so far. Carrots, pear, and lime plus some ginger and turmeric make up this zesty carrot juice. I had to go to Whole Foods for the turmeric and didn’t even really know what I was getting. It’s like a more mild ginger with a teeny hint of curry. It’s got some amazing health benefits and tastes pretty good to me. I really like this juice. I want to try it with vodka. Plus it was easy!

Juice 10

Who knew that you could juice a cauliflower?! Say what?! Yep. You can and I did. Orange Begonia Juice, named for it’s color, is a blend of carrots, cauliflower, apple and lemon. The recipe suggests adding ginger and my new favorite turmeric, which I did. It was sweet and I’m surprised by the cauliflower juice. I sipped a tiny bit on it’s own and while it tastes like cauliflower it didn’t really stand out too much in the juice blend. Overall it’s a great winter immunity booster and basically a carrot juice, which is always one of my favs.

Overall I have been eating more veggies and plant based while doing these juices. It’s making me feel better and more energetic. Yay juice! I will continue to make note of the juices. I already have more to write about as I finish this! Is anyone else out there on a juice journey?! I’d love to get some more juice recipes!

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