I’m bringing you some holiday cocktail recipe ideas today!

I’ve been absent for a minute and while there isn’t much of an audience here to miss me or notice, I do this more because I enjoy it and it motivates me. Recently I’ve been a little down and not feeling so motivated or inspired. Trying to get that mojo back I decided to have a party. I love to plan a party and thought it would be nice to surround myself with good friends, food and drinks.

A dinner party specifically allowed me to set my table with my fancy big girl dishes and experiment with some fun seasonal cocktails. I set up my bar with a few basic liquors: Fireball Whiskey, some vanilla vodka, and prosecco of course (my fav). A cocktail list prompted guests to mix up one of these festive boozie concoctions with cranberry juice and apple cider offered as mixers.

I made some iceballs that are supposedly better at keeping drinks cold longer with less ice melt. Also they are just so cute and played into my ball theme!

Here is the cocktail list. The Holiday Hug was the most popular. I think my favorite concoction using these ingredients wasn’t even on my menu. It was a Fireball Cranberry Sour that I made using leftovers later.

A Holiday Hug:

Adapted from a recipe for a Fireball Whiskey Christmas Hug, I modified it with a splash of prosecco, since it’s my fav and one of my main cocktail ingredients. Then I could call it my own and dub it a Holiday Hug!

1 part cranberry+1 part fireball whiskey+2 parts apple cider+splash of prosecco | shake it up and serve it with ice


A cinnamosa is fun to say and adds a little cinnamon to your typical cranberry mimosa (aka poinsettia).

1 part fireball whiskey+3 parts prosecco+1 part cranberry | add fireball, then prosecco, then cranberry juice and garnish with an orange slice

Apple Pie on the Rocks:

This is a sweet cocktail combining apple juice, vanilla vodka, and cinnamon whiskey for a dessert like treat. Apple cider is a good shortcut to the apple juice+spices. A graham cracker/brown sugar rim is suggested in the recipe, which I didn’t do, but would be really good I bet.

1 part vanilla vodka+1 part fireball+4 parts apple cider | prep a rim, shake it up and serve with ice

Apple Cider:

A common recipe combining apple cider and Fireball. You can serve it with ice for a cold cider or heat it up for a traditional warm winter cider.

2 parts fireball+8 parts apple cider | heat or ice it to serve


I made this up trying equal parts of cranberry and fireball. It’s actually more of a shot. It may be a cocktail already but I didn’t follow a recipe and dubbed it a Cranbally.

1 part fireball+1 part cranberry | serve as a shot

Any more suggested holiday cocktail recipe ideas using these fall ball inspired ingredients?

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