I have several campers but Peggy Hill is my favorite.  Shhh….Don’t tell the other girls.

Peggy Hill is a 1967 Shasta Compact and is the cutest camper at the campsite! Always!

She was actually my 2nd camper purchase.  The first one was under construction and I was impatient excited to decorate and camp in it, especially with a big pending road trip that my bestie/biz partner and I were planning to The Gorge, in Washington, and totally planning to take a camper.

The first camper was obviously not going to be ready, so with that thought in the back of my mind, when I found this camper for sale that was camp ready and so cute, my mind began dancing with excitement at thoughts of how I would add my touch and make her mine.  Without too much hesitation I snatched her up and so began my relationship with Lil Peggy Hill!

This was her when we met.

Peggy Hill 1

Her previous owner was working with a Jimmi Buffet Margaritaville theme inside and while I love margaritas, I’m not too crazy about Margaritaville!

To play off of her Texas flag wings a Texas theme was established and she was dubbed Peggy Hill.

Why Peggy Hill?  Well if you watch King of the Hill then you are familiar with the character of Peggy Hill.  She’s an opinionated, determined and strong Texas woman.  We like that.  Besides, I think that campers, like boats, are supposed to be named after women, so there you go.

With only 6 weeks before that road trip, we started with some basic makeover 101.  We repainted the interior.  Aiming for a cheery bright feel and to keep the existing blue cushions, we repainted the interior a sky blue.

Peggy Hill curtain

The most special of the special touches was the awesome map feature that was added to the back wall as a focal point.   You can read more about installing a map in your camper here!


A pretty simple makeover to start with and what a difference already to begin with right?  We were comfortable and stylishly cute on our road trip and definitely turned some heads along the way!

After that first trip, we returned to work out some kinks. I’ve since added a bit more; like, I painted the refrigerator red and added some wall shelves above the stove!

Peggy Hill kitchen 1


website camper 1.5

So, what do you think of my Lil Peggy Hill?  I rent her out for camping and events if you love her like I do?  You can check that out here.