It’s been cold and rainy here lately which usually triggers a sudden need to bake.

Vintage Shasta Camper pull away cake

Wanting to make a vintage camper cake, I started looking for other camper cake examples and was a little scared to see so many beautifully sculpted miniature camper cake replicas.  While I enjoy decorating cakes, I am not the best baker and my craftsmanship is a bit sloppy, so I am probably not the best candidate to try a fancy sculpted cake or anything with fondant icing.

I didn’t want to just draw a vintage camper on a sheet cake.  Hmmm, what to do, what to do…..?   Then I came across some fun pull apart cakes and knew that was my solution!

Pull away cakes are shaped cakes made from cupcakes that are decorated as one large cake.  I used mini cupcakes to outline and then fill in a vintage camper shape.

Vintage Shasta Camper pull away cake

Applying a dab of icing on the bottom of each cupcake is a handy tip that helps to keep the cupcakes in place when icing them.  After outlining the camper shape, a thin layer of icing was spread over the whole cake.  Then came the final icing on the cake!


Horizontal lines of white icing and blue icing echo the aluminum camper shell.  Grey icing was used for the windows, door and for the famous Z stripe.  The cupcake that made up the wheel was mostly left naked except for its hubcap center!  I added some sprinkles because this cake just needed some!  The famous Shasta wing was fashioned out of cardboard and aluminum foil for this vintage camper cake’s final finishing touch.  Isn’t it so cute?

Vintage Shasta Camper pull away cakeVintage Shasta Camper pull away cakeVintage Shasta Camper pull away cakeVintage Shasta Camper pull away cake