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How I Series Camper Wallpaper NEW

When I bought my second vintage camper, Peggy Hill, I updated her with a Texas theme in mind, borrowed from her Texas wings and the fact that she was born in the factory right here in the nearby suburb of Grapevine Texas!  Wanting a bigger wow factor, and because things are bigger in TEXAS, I wanted to install an oversized map inside as a focal feature on the back wall.

Peggy Hill before map

I searched for an image and paid for a subscription to the photo provider website Shutterstock. I was able to get a high-resolution image that could be saved as a vector file, which was needed by the printer.  Once I had my image selected and cropped I sent it to online printers UPrinting and in just a few quick days they printed and shipped me a 77″w x 53″h image of a Texas map on an adhesive fabric! What what!  It was so exciting!

There was a slick paper backing to peel off, much like a gigantic sticker, and getting it placed onto the wall was a two person job for sure!  We started in the middle smoothing it out towards the outer edges and trimming off the extra at the edges.

Initially, the plan was to cut out the window in the back and adhere it to a roller shade.

Peggy Hill map install

However, on the morning that the map was installed, the sun was shining on it, and through it, in a way that just made keeping it, exactly like it was, feel like the right way to go.

Peggy Hill map

Peggy Hill seat 2

I am so in love with the way it turned out.  Isn’t she just adorable?

The possibilities are endless if you want to make your own mural like I did or you can easily find some great ones that are ready to go.  Some of my favorites sources for murals can be found at Lulu & Georgia, MuralSources, and  Magic Murals.  

I have several campers but Peggy Hill is my favorite.  Shhh….Don’t tell the other girls. Peggy Hill is a 1967 Shasta Compact and is the cutest camper at the campsite! Always! She was actually my 2nd camper purchase.  The first one was under construction and I was impatient excited to decorate and camp in it, […]

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