On a cold weekend before the big love day, I wanted to make some sort of Valentine that was vintage camper related.  So I came up with these DIY Vintage Camper Hand Warmers.

I initially thought of felt and fabric campers decorated like Valentines with some lace,  but it seemed a bit weak.  Like, what do you do with it?  Cute. Thanks. Toss aside.

So when I stumbled across some heart shaped hand warmers on Pinterest I knew that was the answer.  Valentine felt & leather vintage camper hand warmers are totally usable and seasonal!

I had my project ingredients on hand already, except the silver soutache trim.  That was ordered from Amazon after the silver ribbon I had didn’t work out so well.  The white leather was a sample I took from a designer showroom some time ago for an eventual craft project.  Its time has now come!

IMG_7666The camper cookie cutter was used to trace campers onto red felt & white leather & one of my vintage camper Christmas ornaments was a guide.  Once the campers were cut out I outlined them with the silver soutache trim.  Then added the Z stripe onto the red & white camper, again with a whip stitch & nylon thread.

I planned to put doors & windows on using darker felts but decided I liked the campers more simple.  I stitched the heart to the white camper, whip stitched a back side (booty!) onto each of them and called it done, mostly…  they still needed the beans and final stitch up!  Around here we use pinto beans!

Simply put them in the microwave for 30 seconds, or safely over a low campfire in a metal container or wrapped up in foil, and then tuck them in your pockets on a cold night!

They’re so much better for mama earth than those disposable hand warmers!  Plus these cutie little pocket pals will make a great gift for a happy camper!

Version 2I’m not sure these will be necessary for too long here in Texas, but with a hovering cold front, for now, they’re awfully handy!