How I Series Bookcase WP NEW

In my living room are some quirky shelves standing next to the fireplace.  I suspect that at one time it was a doorway into the bedroom on the other side of it that was closed off and turned into this shallow set of shelves. I think they add character and give me an opportunity to add some texture and also display some of my treasures!

Well, after painting most of the bookcase, the back panel seemed like a perfect place for some contrast.  For this backdrop, I wanted something that was interesting and perhaps reflective, but not something that would distract from the objects that would be displayed on the shelves.  You can see the inset that was screaming for something fun!

living room bookcase before

Well, I found a flocked leopard wallpaper that I loved one day while out shopping for a client and just knew it would be perfect in the room.  It echoed the crackly leopard-like finish on my fireplace mantle, had a bit of a reflective quality and some texture, and just seemed like the perfect backdrop for the treasures I would eventually fill these shelves with!  Hopefully, you can make out the pearly background and the raised velvety cheetah spots in this close-up.

bookcase wallpaper

To hang it I enlisted some help, but my helper got frustrated when she couldn’t understand the directions so threw a hissy fit and quit the job.

It was pretty simple to measure and cut the rectangular pieces needed for each shelf with my Exacto knife and metal straightedge.  I followed the installation instructions, despite the chews, to apply some light wallpaper adhesive on the back and stick it onto the surface smoothing it from the center towards the outer edges.  Easy peasy!  I am so super happy with the way it turned out, especially loaded up with all of my beloved accessories and some plants!

living room bookcase after 2

pretty bookcase


bookcase detail photos

bookcase detail Camper my Kitten

bookcase detail plant

bookcase detail cross

bookcase detail bottom shelf

Hanging some wallpaper like this or in a small camper, like this, was a breeze, but hanging some in a whole room kinda scares me.   Anyone else?