Glamorous camping.  I love the idea of it.  Of glamping.  Adding a few special touches like some unnecessary but pretty accessories, flowers, special dishes and glassware, and some texture, like these faux furs and tablecloth, to create a luxurious layer on top of your usual camping basics.   It adds style to an otherwise mundane setup.    It’s essentially decorating your campsite and whatever you’re camping in (your tent or camper)!  Right up this interior designer’s alley that’s for sure!!DSC_0367Glamping with Texas vintage camperIf you don’t have to worry about traveling lightly then the packing list for your glamping essentials is only limited by your imagination, but any glampout begins with these basic ideas.

  • To start with, you ideally want a unique camping structure like a safari or bell tent, a tipi, yurt or a vintage camper!
  • Then you’ll want to think about how you can add that layer of luxury, glam, and comfort to your camping basics while designing a plan in consideration of your needs and what you have.


The extra glam layer is extended to the inside of the campout as well.  Here cozy bedding and a few extras help to bring the comfort of home!

DSC_0427.JPGWho’s ready for some glamping?  We can help you further here…..