Thanks for peeping My Top 5 Unique Finds for the month of March!

I come across some pretty interesting things while on the hunt for furnishings and unique objects for clients. Sometimes I see things that are so outrageous it’s hard to imagine a place for them and sometimes I just want to design a whole room around them!

Here I share a few and maybe help you to discover your next show-stopping piece!

Recently returning some samples to our friends at the Scott + Cooner showroom in the Dallas Design District I noticed something new on the showroom floor.

The Cipria Bed is from an Italian company, Edra, whose artistic furnishings are pretty unique. I think this bed could have been stolen from a muppet!

Made of four pillows attached to a painted metal tube frame, padded with polyurethane foam and synthetic wadding and then lined with faux fur, it reminds me of fingers in a loose grasp of the sleeping beauty that rests in its palm.

I can imagine Kelly Wearstler or Pink sleeping in this bed, especially with a price tag close to the cost of a new Nissan Altima.

Shut The Back Door!

No, really. Shut the back door so the flies don’t come in.

Oh, but if they do, be prepared with this elegant fly swatter!

Handcrafted in leather and made in the US, this natural leather leaf fly swatter is almost too pretty to use. It’s offered by Brooke & Lou, a cute company that promotes “Life-Friendly furnishings” that are designed to stand up to real life as they say.  I appreciate raising the bar on the design of ordinary things like this, even though I wouldn’t want to get fly guts on it.

In another Dallas Design Center showroom I got to see these fun guys.

Pie George!

Sonata In Key Lime!

They are made by plaster master Stephen Antonson. I am a bit familiar with the plaster chandeliers he does but I did not know about these awesome pie in the face series busts called As You Like It.

I really love these guys! There are others and when I looked these up to learn more it seems that they get around a bit! I’m glad to have run into them at the trade only Wells Abbot Showroom!

The cutest coolest California hardware rep paid a recent visit to our office to show off some of the gorgeous hardware he represents, Parisian jewelry for your home from Bronzes de France. Their historical French door, window, and cabinet hardware use the same techniques of hand chasing that are used in the making of fine jewelry.

As a person that is drawn to heart shapes, I totally fell for this beauty here especially, their Rateau lever. Armand-Albert Rateau was a French furniture maker and interior designer who also designed beautifully detailed bronze hardware & furniture. I wish I had a pair of doors in my life with these levers on them! Maybe leading into the Muppet Bed Boudiour!

The last item I share comes from First Dibs. I’m intrigued by it and really want to see this up close in person. In the photos it really looks like carved marble. The Louis XV Goes To Sparta Sofa by Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman, combines classical furniture elements with a contemporary and unconventional approach.

Modeled after a French Louis XV settee, this piece is covered with a Carrara marble photographic print fabric over polyurethane foam shaped from a multi-density block and lined with Dacron over a plywood frame. I’d love to try this out!

Hmmm….maybe all these things could go into the crazy Muppet Bed Boudiour!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the best of my unique finds this month.  Anyone else got a crazy find of their own to share?