Thank you for checking out My Top 5 Over The Top Unique Finds for the month of July!

I come across some pretty interesting things while on the hunt for furnishings and unique objects for clients.

Sometimes I see things that are so outrageous it’s hard to imagine a place for them. And sometimes I just want to design a whole room around them!

Here I share a few and maybe help you to discover your next show-stopping piece!

My first pick is this super fun poodle balloon bar! We’ve all seen the iconic and highly knocked off dog ballon sculptures, but blow one up to human scale in a hand-dyed aubergine colored parchment sealed with a high-gloss hand-poured resin glaze and add some ice-cracked resin with backlighting for your bar surface and some brass detailing inside your storage areas and you have one over the top Balloon Dog Dry Bar.

This functional art sculpture designed by Sylvan San Francisco is made to order with price upon request (yike$!). And if you’re more in the market for a hippo or rhino dry bar well they have those too!

These fun glass lights are something I saw on the printer in our office. I’m not sure who found them, probably the boss lady, but I instantly loved them. They look just like bubble wrap but are handmade glass. Designed by Chris Taylor in Providence RI they range from $800 for the pendants to $2500 for the larger table lamp and can be found here, Craft Advisory

Next up is this risqué wallpaper by French design house Pierre Frey. I’ve heard of this pattern to some degree but haven’t actually seen a sample of it until just recently while wallpaper shopping in a Dallas showroom. There I was flipping through the wing samples and bam, the random fluid outlines of body parts…booties and boobies! The pattern, Le Couple, is available in wallpaper or a sheer voile fabric. It originates from a young French actress Louise Bourgoin when she showed her drawings to Patrick Frey of Pierre Frey. This is only offered to the trade so you will have to ask your favorite designer to hook you up with this one!

Speaking of body parts, you’re likely familiar with the famous and often duplicated hand chair even if you don’t know it’s designer. Mexican surrealist artist Pedro Friedeberg is behind the hand chair and as I recently realized also behind a series of hand painted and gilded Butterfly chairs that I love!

As one drawn to butterfly forms already I love the intricate details and bright colors of his sculptural perches. Hands and feet are a recurring theme in his work. I’m curious to know if it’s tied to religious symbology or just part of his supposed eccentric and absurd nature? The heads are a bit creepy but I think the arm antennas are pretty cool. What do you think? These collectible chairs can be found here for starters and range in price from $15,000-$18,000 if you’re in the market for one!

My final find was hand delivered to me by a showroom rep that I’ve known and loved since the start of my design career. He’s now working for the Rug Company who design fun rugs in collaboration with famous fashion designers.

He showed me this super fun Climbing Leopard rug designed by Diane von Furstenburg in a custom colored purple silk. OMG…how bougie! A purple silk climbing leopard rug by Diane von Furstenburg. It seems fitting that Christina Aguilera would have one! It’s offered in a beautiful emerald green as a standard with a price tag starting at $8232 for a 4′ x 6′ or you can contact your favorite designer who might be able to get you a better price! Of course the rug can be custom colored, which is fun to play around with here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the best of my unique finds this month.  They aren’t always new items but sometimes new to my eyes and at least hopefully new to yours. Got a crazy find of your own to share?