Thank you for checking out My Top 5 Over The Top Unique Finds of the month!

Always on the hunt for furnishings and unique objects, I come across some pretty interesting things.

Sometimes I see things that are so outrageous it’s hard to imagine a place for them and sometimes I just want to design a whole room around them!

Here I share a few and maybe help you to find a showstopping piece of your own!

In our design office, which is located in a historic 3 story house, we have a shop on the first floor that sells a curated collection of unique luxury furniture and accessories.  These chairs, by Acrila, are always something that I’ve loved in our shop.

There are a bunch of different options & styles but I just discovered the graffiti series!!  I really love these and want them all!

Pornographic? Weird? Avant-garde, to say the least, some to the work from Italian architect and designer Maestri may be considered a bit controversial.  You’ll have the check out his work to see for yourself.


This particular lamp, one of the tamer items, came across my screen while searching for “goth accessories”.  I can think of a few folks that might like to have this lamp.

I think this lamp could hang with the graffiti chair and probably this next chair too!

While cruising through one of my favorite trade-only showrooms in the Dallas Design Center I noticed this cool piece by the uber talented and well known sculptural furniture designer Robert Kuo,  who creates substantial objects, frequently in metal and of an organic nature.  Usually more of an admirer of his lamps and side tables I’m happy to know about this chair and be able to test it out with my own booty!  It’s surprisingly comfy!

In contrast to the lamp giving the finger, I offer some love. In a nod to Valentines and my love of rocks, especially in heart forms and made of crystal, I present to you this pair of incredible rock crystal hearts! Twelve pounds of pure rock cyrstal, they are about 9″ x 9″ each and just something I LOVE! From my favorite mineral supplier, Empress.

Aren’t they divine?!

The last item comes from a visit to a plumbing showroom in the Dallas Design Center. I took a client shopping for some faucets but couldn’t stop staring at the amazing outdoor shower on display.

At 8′ tall with a natural brass finish it certainly commands your attention. It’s so simple yet so elegant. Maybe for my future campground!?

I hope you’ve enjoyed the best of my unique finds this month.  Anyone else got a crazy find of their own to share?