How I Series-Dining Light

The palm tree light fixture in my dining room was my most recent find for said room.  I saw it at an antique shop down in the design center and admired it once, wondering if it was just too silly?  Then close to a year later I saw it again.  I’d been hoping to see it again actually, and when I did I bought it eagerly!

dining light before

It seemed to me that the little tulip candle cups could use a punch of some sort.  Having orange bursts here and there already in my home, I thought the little tulip candle cups would be better orange, so I got out my paints and had fun repainting the tulips.   The chain and canopy that actually came with the fixture were painted an off-white color which seemed to really stand out against the palms, so to better blend, I painted them green to match the leafy palms.

dining room light

I also switched out the cracked plastic candle sleeves.  Designer tip here!  You can easily upgrade your light fixtures with new candle sleeves.  I prefer real beeswax candle sleeves that I get from my lamp and shade lady, like these.   They are usually available in a natural beeswax color or ivory, which I select depending on the room and light fixture.  This fixture got the darker option which better complimented the frame.   Changing light bulbs can also be an easy way to update a light fixture.

I think it is a fun note here and love the age and touch of whimsy it brings to this room’s story!  Am I nuts?!   What is your hint of whimsy?

dining room view