When it comes to making Christmas ornaments, of course I had to make some vintage camper ornaments! DSC_0499Using a vintage camper cookie cutter as a template for the ornaments and some fun textured scrapbook paper, I cut mini vintage campers out in pairs of mirror images and then assembled them using 1″ strips of paper to connect a front side and back side for each camper.

Cutting a little extra around each outline allows tabs to be created that give the 1″ strips a place to connect when glued to the front and back sides of the camper ornaments.  I cut out about an extra 1/8″ around the outline of the camper and then cut it into smaller sections, scored the inside, and folded the flaps.  Some of the campers got some detail added to their fronts like added color, stripes, and windows cut from contrast papers.

Using some bow wire, with teeny bright colored pom poms glued to it, the campers were outfitted with strands of Christmas lights!  Some of the campers were also outlined with this same bow wire for added detail.IMG_6963Needing variety and also some campfire love to add to this campground led me to find this post by Kelle Hampton on the cutest camping ornaments, so while I was making my vintage camper ornaments I also made up some of these guys too!

I think the whole group is just adorable!  I love them all!

diy camper ornamentsvintage camper ornaments