The chest of drawers in my bedroom is another great example of how a simple paint makeover makes a huge difference.

As a bestie was moving from a 2BRDM duplex into a 1BRDM apartment, I’d just moved from a 1BRDM into my house with two bedrooms AND two living spaces. Naturally, I was glad to take the extra chest of drawers she offered.

It was a 70’s era tall chest of drawers with some low relief carving on the front and fun hardware. I don’t have any good before photos unfortunately other than this photo of my cat lounging in a drawer while I seem to have some sort of dressing fit happening around her.

This chest of drawers screamed for a fun color so I decided on a bright blue. After priming it and coating it in two layers of paint I actually ended up getting a second color because the first one was too turquoise.

Since I often leave a door open on the front and have this opportunity for something different I took full advantage of the situation!

Like the buffet in my dining room, to add contrast and reuse some existing paint, I painted the interior drawers and doors yellow. I also sprayed the hardware a matte silver.

I’m quite pleased with the results of this paint makeover!

In fact, it prompted me to buy another dresser I saw listed cheaply on Craigslist for my guest room. I’m overdue to paint it but having a hard time deciding on its color. Maybe you’ll see more on that soon..….

I love a simple paint makeover like this. Share your paint makeovers!


The buffet in my dining room is a great example of how a simple paint update can make a huge difference.  Duh, we all know that paint is one of the simplest and quickest ways to change the look of something.  This is not new info.  But that doesn’t stop me from admiring the results […]

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