I don’t watch a lot of tv but sometimes at night I have Two Broke Girls reruns on. They have a purple oven on this show which totally makes me fantasize about having one too! I love the idea of a purple stove!

There are several options for purple stoves out there right now and they definitely aren’t cheap. BlueStar is probably the most well known and what the girls have on the show. You can pick from over 750 colors and finishes plus mix and match your metals to customize your dream appliance! Not only are they pretty but also used by some top chefs.

Big Chill, the fun retro looking appliance brand, has custom color offerings with a few purple selections in their lineup.

Aga, a classic luxury stove brand, offers two lovely shades of purple in their line and while searching for purple stoves I also randomly found ILVE appliances. I must admit I don’t know of them but am glad to learn of them. They are Italian and custom make their appliances to order with old world craftsmanship and over 200 color options!

Which leads me to the ultimate in purple stoves. Officine Gullo is another Italian appliance brand that makes every appliance, to order, by hand. Or an entire kitchen! I am lucky enough to get to work with them on a project at work involving an awesome new island range! Needless to say they also have a large selection of color options to choose from when building your perfect appliance. I wonder if I would cook more with this beauty?

The kitchen images above are from the products websites but here are some real deal kitchens with brave owners that actually pulled the trigger on that purple stove!

I just love everything about this kitchen view here. The stove, the tile, the copper shelf system accessorized with plants and art, the windows, the floor! What a beautifully designed kitchen by Austin based Kim Lewis, my new design crush. I don’t know how I’ve missed out on her before but I think she’s pretty awesome.

Another beautiful kitchen with a majestic purple range! This one by local Drake + Frye Home. Guys, finding kitchens with purple stoves isn’t easy and the fact that the two that I did find to use here both come from Texas girls makes me so happy!

Photo: Drake + Frye Home

As much as I love the idea of a purple stove I don’t know that I would do it for my own kitchen right now. It’s because I have other thoughts on my kitchen and the purple stove would be too much I think. I don’t know that a purple oven is in my budget currently either.

Maybe I can do it in a camper like this one?!

Photo: cheneybaglady.blogspot

What do you think? Anyone brave enough to try a purple oven? Maybe another color?

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