Need more style in your life & home? A break from the crazy pace? Or maybe a new fun experience that leaves you with a story to tell?

I know I do!  We could probably all use some more of that, right?!  So let’s find it!


Welcome to my space on the web! I’m so glad you’re here!

Here I share stories about both my five rooms and an RV (or two) as I work on improving my home, campers, and life, and hopefully help others to improve on theirs!  

Among other things, I bring my love of interior design and decorating, along with camping, travel and road trips, and a growing obsession over vintage campers together in a way that ties back to nature, love and creating fun new memories, events, and experiences.

I want to help like minds create memorable and special environments, events, and occasions of your own, that help you to connect with nature and love too.

I’m Bree, Generation Xer/Millennial hybrid here, currently living the single life with two fine felines in Big Dallas TX.  Surely I will entertain you a bit along the way too, whether you are laughing with me or at me!

We post up in a historical craftsman style house, over 100 years old, that I have been slowly remodeling and redecorating over the last nine years.  A home is pretty much five main spaces or functions (the kitchen, a living area, a work/dining area, a bedroom, and a bathroom), no matter how much you have, right?  Hence the reference to my house as my “five rooms”.  It’s also been dubbed as My Lil Casa Abreeba!

Sometimes I like to reside in an RV when I can.  A vintage RV more specifically.  I own a few of them.  They are little condensed versions of your basic five rooms really (give or take a bathroom).

Someday soon I hope to better divide my time between the two.   I am crazy about my house but I love a good time exploring and road tripping with a vintage camper in tow too!

By day I am an interior designer.  My experience includes 18 years in a high-end residential interior design firm in Dallas under one of the best designers and mentors, working for some of the who’s who of Big D.  I work mostly on new construction jobs as a project manager/senior designer.  I’ve been recognized as one of the best designers in Dallas by D Home Magazine a few times and have been lucky to have had some pretty awesome experiences as a result of my job.

At night I am a trailer pimp!  I redo and rent out of a collection of vintage campers with a BFF of mine, including vintage camper photo booths!  They are so fun and great for actually camping in or for various events, either as props or for specific uses.  The photo booth is so much fun to play in and always a big hit for events!  I love planning a good party and I also love participating in a good party, especially if there is dancing or dress up involved!!

Life is short but sweet and I think we should all take some more time to slow down and enjoy it, to better feed our souls.  We all rush through life and experiences sometimes without living in the moment enough.

I am passionate about creating a beautiful environment and beautiful experiences.  I strive for a happy thriving home, life, and business with balance.  I choose love.  In creating beautiful memories and stories, we create and share the love.

Hopefully, you find some useful tips, ideas, and inspiration here.    Or maybe bring some of your own.

Since you’re here, I invite you to snoop into my world and hopefully, I can snoop into yours, if you’ll share!?   We like to call that an inside check out around here my friends.  Fo’ shizzle!

We can swap stories and memories…you know, share the love!!!