So my biznazz partner and I just did a photo shoot for our vintage camper rental business at our local state park, and despite some challenges, it was a lot of fun.

After tons of planning, shopping, packing and organizing we headed to Cedar Hill State Park to set up four different scenes to photograph.  It was an ambitious project to take on in a weekend.  Limited by campsite locations and some rain, we still managed to get a lot accomplished and ended up with some great shots.

The idea was to stage four scenes to showcase the packages that we offer and to better help people visualize the campers’ uses.  I wanted to create a romantic scene, a birthday party, a slumber party, and a glamping style campout.  Since we would need food and beverages for the shoot and we would have all of these things set up already, it became our own private party as well!



I loved staging all the scenes but the birthday party scene was the best!  Since it’s in between our birthdays I called it our shared birthday party.  I decided the menu would be sliders at first.  Then inspired by a menu item from a local taco place I used to frequent for lunch years ago, it was changed to be cheeseburger tacos!  So simple to make, especially for a campout, plus they helped justify a slight fiesta theme!

cheeseburger tacos

I made some cilantro lime slaw and served some must-have chips, salsa, and guacamole with the cheeseburger tacos.  I wanted to have beans too but left them at home. Oops! Lettuce, tomatoes (pico de gallo actually), purple onion and relish as well as standard burger condiments topped off the tacos while these awesome champagne margaritas topped us off!

Shannon made a beautiful and delicious chocolate cake because every birthday party needs cake!  It melted a bit in the sun and wasn’t as pretty in the end but we still dug into that cake and enjoyed it anyways!

This park has nice shelters at their picnic tables which allowed me to hang things over our tables.  After setting out the rainbow tablecloths I added some placemats, chargers and colorful birthday napkins from home to the set of blue camping dishes and metal cups that are kept in stock in the campers.


Some plants and a centerpiece made up of a colorful bunch of flowers and some other misc items I gathered and assembled on a tray add the final touches to this fun fiesta birthday table!


What these photos and story don’t show is the mess that occurred between some of these shots.  After starting to shoot this scene on Saturday the rain came.  Having one scene already set up at one campsite, and this scene set up at the other, and things all over the place in between and around us, it was a scramble to start saving things from the rain.

We piled things under the shelters, including ourselves, to wait out what turned into a pretty heavy shower and then another.  Defeated, muddy and wet, we called it a day and ate some partially soggy food, enjoyed our little party and ate cake.  The next day we put most of it back together, minus the food and booze we’d since consumed, and resumed the shoot before the return of the next round of rain.


It was definitely a lot of fun and a pretty cute shoot in my opinion.  What do you think of our camping birthday scene?  Would you try a camping birthday party?

You can check out more info here if you’re interested.