My brother has a website.  Actually, he works on a few.

My mom unbelievably has two!  And she’s not tech savvy at all.

Even my friends’ pets have Facebook pages.

So I had long since decided that I wanted my own little piece of the world wide web too, and now, I am finally doing it!  Hence this blog!  In highschool, I was in yearbook and really loved it.  So this partly stems from being reminded that I really miss writing & photo editing, after doing some recent blogging for my vintage camper rental business, but also it comes from a desire to share the stories and progress as I work on improving my home, campers, and life and hopefully help others to improve on theirs!

Among other things, you’ll see my love of interior design and decorating, party planning and organizing, along with camping, travel and road trips, and a growing obsession over vintage campers brought together in a way that ties back to nature, love and creating fun new memories, events, and experiences.

Here I hope we can share tips and stories.

I am super excited about this journey!  In the words of Coolio, “It’s time to take your ass on another kind of trip…”

So come along and ride on this fantastic voyage with me!  I hope that we have fun!

Fantastic Voyage.png