I recently wrote a post about my top 5 favorite ceiling fans and my struggles over keeping a ceiling fan in my living room.

I wanted a decorative light fixture at first, but I started to ask myself, “Self, do I install another ceiling fan?”  I gasp at my own question! A ceiling fan in the living room? Ehhhh?

Well as I noted before, in Texas, in a room with mostly exterior walls and windows, having a ceiling fan really helps to cool down the room and is kinda a summer must have.

Plus having one already, I’ve really gotten used to it and it’s pretty nice. The old fan was standard issue shiny brass & wood circa 1989. The glass globe broke so my “temporary solution” (aka 5 year cover) was to stick a paper lantern over it that I already had.

Thankfully with so many great options to chose from having a fan in your living room isn’t such a dreadful thing anymore.

So while I really liked all of the fans I noted in the fan post the winner for my living room was this one!

This sculptural Artemis fan is from Minka Aire, a company that makes some really fantastic fans in general.  Pun WAS intended there!

I am so happy with it and think that it brings so much to my living room. What do you think? Any other awesome fans out there?