Thank you for checking out My Top 5 Over The Top Unique Finds of the month!

As a designer always scouting for furnishings and unique objects I come across some pretty interesting things sometimes.

Sometimes I see things that are so outrageous it’s hard to imagine a place for them.

And sometimes I just want to design a whole room around them!

If I can’t place them, at the very least I’d love to share them.  Who knows, maybe you are looking for one of these unusual items and I can be the one to help you to discover that showstopping piece!

My first share is this super fun feather floor lamp.  I have visions of using this in a Dr. Suess-esque nursery or a glamorous sitting area in a chic boutique!

palm lamp

This Hollywood Regency Feather Palm Tree Floor Lamp in Gold and Pink was found on First Dibs and can be made for you with pink or white feathers for $6800!

My next crazy find is this cabinet that caught my eye for it’s unique pattern.  I’m usually drawn to fish scale and feather patterns, so naturally, I’d gravitate towards this.  When I zoomed in on a shot of the interior I thought to myself that this cabinet reminded me of a luffa sponge.   Well…..luffa.jpg

Luffa, a recurrent climbing plant in Brazilian culture, was worked into a coating for this cabinet. What??  Yep.  Eight dozen luffas were used, resulting in more than seven hundred scales, all sewn by hand with nylon thread. I don’t recommend trying to scrub your back on this cabinet!  The Brazilian Bucha Soberana Contemporary Cabinet made of Luffa can be yours for $11,500 also available through First Dibs.

Here in the Dallas Design District, while shopping in the Scott + Cooner showroom, I had to pause and admire this cool clock!  It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland at first glance but a closer inspection of the Altdeutsche Clock made me curious about its themes.  IMG_6912

I learned it was designed by a Dutch duo whose work tends to “embody varying mythologies and New Gothic themes”.   I can see that but still am not sure what they say here.  Bananas, trumpets, a peace sign…not sure I get it.  I didn’t get a quote from the showroom but I find this offered online for $5500-ish.

I also saw this fixture while in the Scott + Cooner showroom.  I love this and want one in my dining room too!  Seriously!IMG_6909.jpg

It’s called the Moooi Perch Branch Suspension Lamp and is available for $4300-ish per various online stores.  It’s made of brass painted aluminum and polypropylene (plasticy) paper.  I love it!  Maybe this goes in the room with the feather palm tree!?

My final find caught my eye while shopping again on First Dibs.  This piece was designed by a super talented furniture designer, Kenneth Cobonpue from the Philippines, whom I really admire and will probably feature again! It is called the Babar Cabinet and I think you can understand why.Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 7.44.04 AMAs someone that has a thing for rattan and natural woven textures and also animal forms, this crazy desk/cabinet has my name all over it!  I do need a new desk, but with a price tag of $6500, it’s probably not in my budget right now.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the best of my unique finds this month.  Anyone else have any crazy finds of their own to share?